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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 7, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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your personal information to hackers. the security scare at a local grocery store chain. a live ac at the south bay doughnut shop. why one ingredient is bringing controversy to the table. >> a lot of people out there don't have the jacket on. it is going to be a scorcher inland today. 99 degrees in fairfield for example. then, we've got major changes headed your way for the weekend. we will still have to get outdoors. that forecast coming right up. this friday, an injury crash in hayward causing big slowing. a truck fire reported for orinda. we will show you how that shapes up through the caldecott tunnel. a little bit of haze out there as we prepare for the warmup, a heat-up according to christina. it is going to get hot on this friday, june 7th. this is "today in the bay."
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>> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good morning to óiñyou. it is 6:00, i'm marla tallez in for laura garcia cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. new this morning, the labor department has released the latest jobs numbers report. about 30 minutes ago in the month of may, we gained 175,000 jobs. that's up a little bit compared to 165,000 jobs added last month. the unemployment rate now stands at 7.6%, which is also just up slightly froma april. coming up at 6:30, we'll have a live report from washington. talking about what those new numbers say about our recovering economy. >> this morning, president obama's whirlwind bay area visit will be coming to an end after an evening of pricey fund-raisers at private homes in palo alto and also in portola valley. before he boards air force one, president obama will make one last stop this morning. not for another fund-raiser but to deliver a speech on health care. "today in the bay's" marianne
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favro joins us live from the fairmont hotel in downtown san jose. he is going to highlight california as proof that obama care can work. >> reporter: he certainly is. security out here is extremely tight. several rhodoads are closed surrounding the fairmont hotel where the president will be speaking at 8:50. we saw a lot of security detail who were inspecting the media vans and using bomb-sniffing dogs. when the president speaks, he will be talking about his affordable care act. he will also be talking about how california has been very early in implementing the new law. the plan takes effect on january 1st. under it, you can't be denied coverage based on pre-existing conditions. you are mandated to buy insurance even ifd++á are currently healthy. as subsidies will be offered to low income clients. this morning, president obama is expected to highlight efforts to make sure latinos are enrolled
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in the plan in california. dr. laura davies is an adviser to the affordable health care act. the people that are going to benefit most are the people without insurance, because they can't afford it. they are deferring preventative care, deferring the breast cancer and diabetes screening. >> reporter: overall, the affordable care act will provide 10.2 million uninsured latino americans across the country an opportunity to get affordable health insurance coverage. the president will talk about new evidence that when insurers and providers compete for business, consumers win. saying more insurance providers are offering coverage in the individual market. now, it is expected that 5.3 californians will be eligible to sign up for the new plan. they can do that starting on october 1st. reporting live, in downtown san jose where president obama is expected to speak at 8:50 this morning, marian favro, "today in the bay."
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the president departed in just a few hours from the airport. taking off from moffett field heading down to los angeles where he will attend a fundraising luncheon at the home of an entertainment executive and then off to rancho mirage in palm springs for a two-day summit with the president of china, lee jing ping. his plane landed there yesterday evening. during this meeting, the two presidents plan to discuss a topic that will be watched very closely by silicon valley firms, cyberattacks from overseas, specially china. facebook, apple, google and twitter have been victimized by cyberattacks. it comes as the obama administration deals with its own unfolding scandals over privacy rights here at home. so far, president obama has not spoken out about the unfolding scandals, one of them being that verizon is releasing american
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customers cell phone records to the national security agency every day. number stwo, a washington post report thatómo the nsa uses a secret program called prism to tap correctly into the computers of companies like apple, google, yahoo! youtube, and facebook. it is meant to help agents look for suspicious messages. some activists say prism goes too far. >> this information is really disturbing considering we have laws in this country as well as the fourth amendment that should protect our privacy. we reached out to all the companies we just mentioned for their reaction. every one of them denied giving the government direct access to their servers in the meantime, a local grocery chain now dealing with hacking issues of its own. "today in the bay's" christie smith, is live outside of a raley's grocery store in fremont with a look at how hackers could be getting access to customer's debit and credit card information. something a lot of people have
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to be on alert for, kristy. railly's thinks it may be the victim of a malicious cyberattack. late last week, a credit card company notified them of suspicious activity going on outside of what there might be in a normal payment transaction. from there, they launched an immediate investigation to find out whether anyone's personal payment information was compromised or stolen. so far, the supermarket hasn't confirmed any unauthorized access. they don't believe pin numbers were taken and they don't collect social security numbers or driver's license numbers. they are still gathering information on this. here is what they suggest you do if you've shopped here. check your bank or credit card statements for any unauthorized transaction. of course, contact your bank or credit card company if you see anything suspicious. anything that you didn't do. raley's has a response team set up. they have an 800 number,
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1-800-925-9989. that number is up and running from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. also, raley's has 128 stores in northern california and nevada, 78 raley's, 28 bel-air markets, 22 nob hill foods and eight food source stores. raley's is still investigating. they have added security to protect information and they say they are confidence that you can use your credit cards here safely. reporting live in fremont, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much for the update. >> we get used to seeing christi all bundled up. you are talking about serious high temperatures. a warm day. good friday morning to you. you made t you mighit. you might have a graduation to go to. make sure you have the spf ready to go. it is going to be a hot one. we will lose the clouds by 10:00 a.m. as a result, the temperatures will be soaring from 10-15 degrees.
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kind of a hot day across the bay area. tomorrow, even hotter. this is san jose. you can see very little low cloud cover to keep us cool. that's going to be gone in the next hour or so. get ready for a hot day ahead with all the low clouds in san francisco. we do have our first flight delays this morning. they are at about 30 minutes for now. if you are trying to get over to the east coast, watch out. we have flight delays over there as well. at this point. check ahead for this getaway friday. good news is, you probably have saturday and sunday off. it is going to be a great weekend to hit the beach. specially on saturday. 55 for now in san francisco. 57 in oakland.í'3 54 in san jose. a comfortable 53 degrees down in gilroy. i just want to show you your overall visabilities aren't that bad at the surface. you have three miles or better all across the board. so, here is where we are headed as we head throughout the day today. it is going to be a warm one today in the bay. at noon, 85 degrees inland. up to 97 degrees in the heat of the day. 84 bayside at the coast. 75 degrees. your full forecast showing you some major changes headed our
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way as we get into sunday and temperatures tumble. we might get some showers. i'll find that out for you coming up. first, want to check your drive on a friday morning. overall, yes. we are seeing a summertime shift kicking in for some days. we will watch as we get through the graduations and see how things settle out over the next couple of weeks. the san mateo bridge moves smoothly. the low clouds, not a problem for drivers as far as visibility goes. we are seeing patches of fog. we will track that. meanwhile, approaching the san mateo bridge, look at the map. on the hayward side, the earlier crash i told you about, approaching highway 22. that caused a big backup quickly. slow now out of san leandro. bogging down around a street and clearing by the time you get to 92. the crash is no yw over to the shoulder. east 24 as you come out of the caldecott tunnel. that single eastbound moves smoothly. there is slowing past an earlier truck fire. it looks like traffic is still
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able to get by okay. the tunnel is not affected from what i understand. we will still track that very carefully. westbound, your commute continues to move smoothly. into oakland and the bay bridge where we had an earlier tire, the third incident of the morning for the upper deck. no metering lights. we will look at the live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the cash lanes to the right are backing up. that's typical if they have one of those cash lanes closed. we'll see the backup in the next few as well. down to the south, a live look at 101 northbound. we are just starting to see a build for 101 its self slowing at 680 where our camera is here. up toward the airport and a note downtown as marianne is reporting. president obama is in town. his entourage, expect traffic all morning. time is 6:10. coming up, how about this. breaking the bank for lunch with a billionaire. we will show you the highest bid so far to try and win some face time with mr. warren buffett z. >> a big new apple announcement
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just days away. we will give you a preview of the upgrade in the works for your iphone. i'm bob redell. we will take you back here live to the south bay with the controversial doughnut that as you can see hasn't exactly been bad for business. that story coming up. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. welcome back now. you made it to friday. the heat is going to crank today. taking a live look. mostly clear start today in san jose. we have plenty of low clouds in san francisco. welcome to the hottest day of the year so far, only to be trumped by tomorrow. then, temperatures tumble on sunday. we'll time-out the changes in your city. your seven-day forecast coming up next. christina, you took the beautiful shot. low clouds. also over here in oakland. not a problem for drivers.
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south 880 slows quite a bit as you are heading toward the san mateo bridge. >> just about 6:14. here are today's top stories. president obama will give a speech on health care this morning at the fairmont hotel in downtown san jose. after the speech, he will head to southern california for a fund-raiser. for a two-day summit with the president of china. raley's grocery store exchange says its computer network may have been hacked. the chain asking consumers and customers to check their bank and credit card stations as a precaution. it is unclear if the hackers managed to access customer information. the u.s. labor department just released the may jobs numbers. ployers added 175,000 new jobs in may. unemployment is slightly up. 7 cloin 6%. it is 6:14 right now. a gourmet gimmick surrounding the breakfast the favorite of many grabbing some attention. it is also attracting the police. psycho donuts says threats of violence have been made
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against the chefs over what's turned into a very controversial promotion. "today in the bay's" bob redell, is live outside psycho donuts with the story. you are not alone out there? >> reporter: no. good morning, marla and jon. for national doughnut day, psycho donuts is heading out foie bombs, doughnut holes filled with foie gras. it is considered inhumane because it uses duck or goose livers from forced fed ducks or geese. they are being handed out for free. the baker made about 200. you have people waiting here. a svery slow-moving line. it shows how dedicated these people are, coming here for one of these. ron levi, baker, good morning to you. can you show us what you made here, right here? >> sure. these are what we call the foy
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foie gras bombs. >> reporter: you have received threats, some by e-mail and some online. a lot of people have been upset. tell me about the threats and what you have done to respond to those. >> we have taken it to not respond at all. we have forwarded anything we have needed to to the authorities. >> reporter: the campbell police? >> absolutely. the campbell police. we are just not going to deal with it at all. we haven't seen anything physical. >> reporter: he said online, the threats you think are from a small group of extremists, is how you labeled them. not necessarily your customers. my question is, do you have in he sympathy for their stance as far as, hey, this is antti niemi malrights issue. >> sure. we absolutely understand people's rights to an opinion. they have the right to come and protest and to be heard. we also have a right. we are not doing anything
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illegal. we are giving our customers what they are asking 02for. >> he is correct on that as far as the law goes. the state has banned the sale of foie gras. he is giving these away for free. he is not actually selling the foie gras bombs. they did not mean to make this controversy. it has been good for business. reporting live here in campbell, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> something tells me that bob is not going to try one of those foie bombs. >> i am not going to try one but controversy, as they say, sells. chris christina loren is here to talk about the heat. >> we are note/q going to see temperatures quite this warm after we get through this heat wave. today and tomorrow, temperatures are going to spike. yesterday, it was kind of hot.
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i had to use my a.c. in campbell, my hometown. what i can tell you, if you didn't have to use it yesterday, you will likely today. yesterday, we only hit the low to mid-80s. today, we are talking about the mid to upper 90s. much warmer weather are the reason why. the lack of low cloud cover. you just saw all we have available to us in san jose. 54 here. 57, oakland. it is going to clear very quickly out there this morning. make sure you are ready for that. bring the sunscreen with you, the shade. anything that can keep you cool in the heat of the day and the warmest time of the day is around 4:00 p.m. 54, san jose, 61 to start in milpitas. high pressure moves in. it is going to drive our winds offshore. it is a dangerous scenario for that fire that continues to burn down in southern california. the powerhouse fires. we are going to see the santa ana winds pick up today. that fire could stay in the headlines as we head throughout the weekend. we have this dangerous setup. high pressure drives the winds
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offshore. 77 degrees today. the warmest beach city is going to be santa cruz. 85 degrees today and tomorrow. hot days even at the beach. then, look what happens. an area of low pressure starts to saddle down the coastline as we get into sunday. that's going to drop our temperatures by about 20 degrees. and, we're talking about the potential, 10-25% shot of getting some showers at the immediate coast. the best chance will be up in the north bay at the coastline, marin county. keep that in mind, 97, livermore, 99, fairfield and 74 degrees in san francisco. tomorrow, we will peak. sunday, temperatures drop like a rock. coolest on monday. a great day for an outdoor hike. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, temperatures level off. so we are not going to see near record warmth again potentially until next week, the following week. father's day weekend is coming up. i know a proud dad of a graduate, mike inouye.
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preschool. another proud dad of a graduate today, scott mcgrew. he is preparing for that celebration, practicing with his son. we are looking toward the bay bridge with a backup here because the metering lights have been turned on. 6:20 on a friday. that is the case because of a new crash. let me show you the map. a new crash on the upper deck, two, maybe three vehicles involved in this, blocking one of your middle lanes around the tunnel up towards treasure island. it is causing the big backup toward the bay bridge toll plaza where they did turn the metering lights on. the build is going on. the rest of the approach is just fine. traffic flows smoothly. an unexpected holdup getting across east 24. we had an earlier truck fire outside of the caldecott tunnel. it sounds like everything is okay. not a lot of disturbance. we do see slowing. only a single eastbound lane. once you get passed it, you are okay. over towards lafayette or the opposite direction for highway
6:21 am
24. we will show you farther south. southbound 880. as you are approaching 92, there was an earlier crash that has moved to the shoulder. sanxdñ leandro down through hayward, approaching that san mateo brin mateo bridge, still in the 50s. a build a little bit coming off the castro valley "y." a slower drive through fremont. a blip just shows up. construction crews should have cleared from the area. that might be what's going on. 84 up toward livermore, that's unusual slow. you are heading up your commute. the south bay, we are looking at a live shot for san jose. we will see how traffic flows. northbound picking up the volume a little bit. in fact, all your south bay freeways in the northbound direction showing sfeepeeds of and above. keep reminding you, the president is in town. there is a lot of security in the area.
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some changes could be coming to your iphone or ipad. apple is expected to preview a new version of the software used. the tech giant is also expected to show up. they could preview a music service that would offer streaming music within itunes. a move which would take on pandora, spotify and the new google music. apple planning to launch a brand new iphone trade-in program. they are now teaming up with mobile phone distributor, bright star corporations to run that exchange program where iphone users can now turn in their current iphones for a discount on a brand new one. this is aimed at getting users to upgrade to the iphone 5. 6:22. time is running out for an opportunity to dine with one of the world's richest men. >> get in while you can.
6:23 am
today is the very last day to cast your bid on ebay for a major power lunch with warren buffett. >> does that mean you have to eat fast. >> take your time with these kind of prices. 104 bids have been plaeced. $775,100. that's chump change compared to what this event usually fetches. last year's winner paid $3.5 million. they point out at the last minute, all the biders will come rushing in and send the prices through the roof. francisco's glide foundation which helps the city's poor and homeless. >> you have 13 hours to get the bid in. >> a power lunch with marla tallez. $4 million, $5 million minimum. >> maybe i would get maybe $15. >> 6:23. coming up, coming in for a hard landing. >> oh, my god. oh, no!
6:24 am
>> we'll tell you how a routine helicopter flight ended in this dramatic crash with video you will only see on nbc. star command, i'm detecting high levels of happiness.
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oh my god, oh, no. >> you are looking at a video as a helicopter makes a hard landing in l.a. county yesterday. remarkably, the pilot and three passengers, they were not seriously hurt.
6:27 am
they were treated on the scene and released. they actually walked away. investigators say the helicopter was experiencing prob leplems. >> 6:27. a car crashing right into a pharmacy overnight. we will show you the brand new video coming into our newsroom. is the economy going to get a jolt from today's brand new jobs report. we are moments away from the opening bell. we will bring it to you live. jooishlgs
6:28 am
6:29 am
. a car crashing into a pharmacy overnight. all the detail of the road. we'll ask christina how high will the temperatures soar. let's take you live to wall street.
6:30 am
we will also have a new jobs report released. june 7th. "today in the bay." good morning, welcome to friday at 6:30. coming up, new video of what appears to be the aftermath of a computer. first and on scene. corner of east eighth street and foothill boulevard, recently changed traffic patterns out there. so somebody may have been a little confused. the driver didn't notice in time and slammed right into the front of that store. we have two calls into hayward police. they have not gotten back to us with any information or confirmation.
6:31 am
that's a cvs, next to construction signs where work is being done on that hayward loop. continuing here, south bay homeowners will soon find out if the recovering economy is going to cost them. about 1 in 4 homeowners now in the silicon valley expected to see a steep increase in property taxes. the tax hikes are in response to some recent gains in the market value of homes during the reception. about 130,000 properties had their taxes reduced to try and reflect that plunging real estate value that was out there. now, notices of the increase will be mailed out at the end of this month. 6:31. the accreditation board deciding the fate of city college of san francisco is meeting for the very last time today. the 19-member board is addressing whether california's largest school has made enough changes to continue operating. representatives of california
6:32 am
federation of teachers plan to attend the meeting at a burlingame hotel to challenge sanctions as harsh and inappropriate. the results are expected to be released next month. new this morning, the latest employment report is out from the department of labor. it appears the numbers are flat lining. >> "today in the bay's" tracie potts live in washington, d.c. everybody is wondering what do these new numbers in the reports say about our supposed economic recovery. >> the numbers themselves are, as you said, pretty flat. 7.6% is the new unemployment rate. it had been 7.5. it went up a little. that's not significant. 175,000. it is a littlebca more than la month. but bottom line, this is a very similar report to what we saw last month. the thing that stands out about this new information is is what
6:33 am
happened prior. they go back to do revisions to make sure they didn't overcount or undercount. they undercounted or overcounted the number of jobs by 12,000. they went back and did those revisions. that is not a great piece of news this morning. the bottom line, this is fairly flat, sort of what economists predicted. what it is not doing is moving this recovery forward at a faster pace, which is what the government would tlik see aliked the obama administration would like to see. the businesses that saw the most gains in terms of employment were professional and business services, restaurants, other types of food services and retail. the biggest lawsuits came from the federal government and manufacturing. manufacturing has been back and forth. they had started to see some gains based on some losses last month. >> hey, traci, thanks so much. scott mcgrew talking about the
6:34 am
construction up in the bay area. >> a good sign moving forward. 6:33. christina loren is back telling us about that heat wave burning in our hearts and all around the bay"gí area. it is going to be a hot day. as you plan your day, make sure if you have outdoor activities that you have to take care of, maybe if it is just getting the yard work done, the earlier you do so, the more comfortable it will be. we don't have a whole lot of cloud cover to keep us cool. let's talk about where we are headed. by noon today, the real testimony separation starts. as you head throughout your lunch hour, 86 degrees already. you will be at 87 degrees at noon in antioch. at the extreme east bay, as per usual, this time of year, will be the hottest. you can see here, we are going to see a pretty fair amount of cooling until that point, until noon today. all wait along the east shore. then, temperatures soar. we cut off the natural coolant.
6:35 am
they push that down to sea. we are headed toward a hot day as a result. not as high as it will be. they are headed towards triple digits to the extent of 107 degrees weather. make sure you are ready for that. here, it is not going to be that bad. low triple digits in the warmest city across the bay. even hotter day ahead on saturday. so it is, add an additional 3-5 degrees for a high. 97 degrees by today. by tomorrow, 103 in livermore. 99, fairfield. 74 today in san francisco. we'll have your full forecast coming up in just a few minutes. i want to show you the seven-day. major changes ahead. we will sort it all out for you in just a few moments. first, i want to check your drive as if friday light is the question. i'll take you quickly to a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. friday light, plural, metering lights are on unexpected for a lot of folks, specially as we are entering these summer we are looking at the backup
6:36 am
because of an earlier crash. it has been cleared off. it is backed up here at the toll plaza past west grand avenue. unexpected. folks, leave earlier than you would plan on for a friday. look at the map. a slow drive up theb8g incline towards treasure island. that will push the backup slowing through emeryville and westbound 80 through berkeley as well. southbound 880, an earlier crash which was in the lanes for about 15 minutes, 880 at 97 has cleared. it is still a distraction. that set off the early slowing from 238. you are in the 50s as you travel down towards a street and the san mateo bridge. also, moving farther south, we see slowing as you are heading down towards union city. it is eastbound 84 heading toward 580 out of livermore. a little slow this morning. maybe more folks are taking that
6:37 am
road going to the sierra. that's one avenue. 880 shows a nice move. no more slowing by 237. that construction has cleared. the south bay, guys, coming up in the next report. 6:37. homeowners living in an unincorporated part of san mateo are warned of a mountain lion sighting. the big cat was spotted at ferndale way near edgewood county park just outside redwood city. county emergency officials are advising not to approach any mountain lions, specially if they are feeding or with an offspring. make noise and try to appear large and threatening while throwing rocks or objects at it. 6:37. president pushing politics. the press pushes policies in the
6:38 am
south bay. also, baseball steroid scandal to track down major league offenders next. ♪ ♪ i gotta go deposit a check, transfer some money. so it's your uncle's turn. what? wait, wait, wait... no, no, no, wait, wait. (baby crying) so you can deposit a check... with the touch of a finger. so you can arrange a transfer in the blink of an eye. so you can help make a bond... i got it. that lasts a lifetime. the chase mobile app. so you can.
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welcome back. 6:40. the diabetes pill, avandia may not increase the risk of heart attacks as much as previously thought. an fda advisory panel voted to ease restrictions on the pill.
6:41 am
the fda is not required to follow the panel's recommendation. it was the best selling diabetes pill until questions were raised about its safety. major league baseball hoping to get its hands on shipping and cell phone records as it continues to investigate what could end up being the biggest drug scandal in the history of baseball. lawyers issuing subpoenas to fed x and at&t, also, t-mobile late last month. they want fedex to turn over shipment reports for biogen sis, its owner, aen thoanthony boesca long list of affiliates. they want information on melky cabrera. major league baseball expected to hand down suspensions to at least 20 players linked to the now-closed clinic. it should happen in the coming weeks 6:41. hours away from a major speech from president obama. we'll tell you why he is using
6:42 am
the south abbay to highlight health care. how about this one, donuts filled withq.h foie gras. we will tell you how a gourmet gimmick is getting around a state law. a beautiful start to the day over san jose. you can see through the low clouds. the sun already beating down on much of the bay area. it is going to be a hot one. then, things really change over the weekend. we will sort out the changes. time it out to your doorstep. coming up, your seven-day forecast is next. a crash on the bay bridge upper deck kicked off the metering lights and this big backup. i will give you the latest coming up.
6:43 am
6:44 am
at 6:44, we welcome you back with some breaking news.
6:45 am
in the south bay, sunnyvale, where police have a suspect cornered near lakewood elementary school. if you are in this area, you may have noticed police have set up a perimeter. police say the suspect is inside one of the homes there. it is unclear why the suspect is wanted in the first place or if the suspect is armtd. we will bring you more information just as soon as that becomes available president obama's whirlwind bay area visit coming to an end after an evening of pricey fund-raisers at private homes in palo alto[b9 and portola valley. president obama making one final stop this morning. no, not for another fund-raiser but to deliver a speech on health care. "today in the bay's" marianne favro joining us. the president is likely going to highlight california as proof obama care can work. >> reporter: he certainly is.
6:46 am
he is also going to talk about the importance that latinos sign up for this plan. there will be 13 different plans available to them. here in downtown san jose, security is very tight. we had security detail sweep our media vehicles and use bomb-sniffing dogs in several streets surrounding the fairmont hotel are also closed right now. president obama is expected to speak at 8:50 this morning at the fairmont hotel. he is also going to talk about how california has been early in implementing the new law. now, the plan takes effect january 1st. under it, you can't be denied coverage based on pre-existing conditions. subsidies will be offered to low income clients. you also are mandated to buy insurance even if you are currently healthy. this morning, president obama is expected to highlight efforts to make sure latinos are enrolledz in the plan. san francisco psychiatrist, dr. laura davies, is an adviser to the affordable care act.
6:47 am
>> the people that will benefit most are the people without insurance. they just can't afford it. they are deferring preventative care and breast cancer care and diabetes screening. >> reporter: overall, it will provide 10.2 million uninsured latino americans an opportunity to get affordable health insurance coverage. the president is expected to talk about new evidence that when insurers and providers compete for business, consumers win saying more insurance providers are offering coverage now in the individual market. 5.3 million californians are expected to be eligible for the new plan. they can start signing up on october 1st. they will have 13 different options to choose from. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, "today in the bay." the president is leaving the bay area in less than three hours. his trip to california is really just getting started. president obama will leave moffett field this morning and 
6:48 am
head down south to los angeles where he will attend a fundraising luncheon at the home of an entertainment executive. then, it is off to rancho mirage near palm springs for a two-day summit with the president of china. chinese president, ze jing ping is already in southern california. his plane landed yesterday evening. during their meeting, the two presidents will discuss a topic watched very closely by a silicon valley firm. that is cyberattacks from overseas. specially from china. facebook, apple, google and twitter have recently been victimized by cyberattacks abroad so far, the president has not spoken out publicly about two unfolding scandals over privacy rights in the united states. one, verizon is releasing american customers cell phone records to the national security agency every day. a washington post report that says the nsa uses a secret program called prism to tap
6:49 am
directly into the computers of companies like apple, google, yahoo! and facebook. we should point out all those tech companies we just mentioned, they deny giving the m8aq)nment direct access to any of their servers a local grocery chain is dealing with hacking issues of its own. the personal information of every customer who shopped there could be affected. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live outside of a grocery store in fremont with a look at how hackers could have had access to customers debit and credit card information. christi, good morning. good morning to you, marla. raley's thinking they cob the victim of a widespread cyberattack. we have been speaking with shoppers going in. these days, they check their statements so often they don't think they are going to get scammed. raley's has 128 stores in the region. they are taking this very seriously. late last week, a credit card company notified them of the typical payment process. raley's immediately started to
6:50 am
investigate to try and determine whether these attackers got ahold of personal payment information. raley's also stepped up their cybersecurity. they also have bel-air markets, nob hill foods and food source. now, they are not confirmed any unauthorized access to payment cards. they haven't confirmed any of that. they don't think pin numbers were accessed. i just spoke with one shopper who says even though he protects himself. this does make him think. >> this makes you worry a little bit, is my money safe, is somebody going to get into my account? i shouldn't have to worry about it. it should be all secured. you figure, the banks have my nonany. every day i work hard to earn my money, give to the baenlg and going out to spend my money for what i need and my family. raley's is suggesting that
6:51 am
customers check their bank and credit card statements for any unauthorized transactions. call your company if you see any charges or payments that you didn't make. they have a response team in place for this. they have an 800 number in place. 1-800-9 1-800-925-9989. they are confident that shoppers can continue using their cards. we want to tell you about some information just into our newsroom. the troubled nuclear power plant in southern california will be closed. southern california edison now says continuing uncertainly about when or if the san onofre plant. it has not produced electricity since january of last year when damage was discovered in the tubing that carries radioactive
6:52 am
water. >> let's talk about the heat that's going to be pumping throughout the area tomorrow and today. you are supposed to be able to get outdoors for part of the day. we will show you your hour by hour forecast. good morning to you, livermore. you are at 55 degrees. 57 out in oak town. san francisco, waking up with comfortable conditions. the place to be is right by the beach today. we are starting out at 60 in santa tr santa teresa. 59 degrees in campbell where our own bob redell is hanging out at psycho donuts this morning. temperatures are pretty crisp out there. we are noticing those winds are starting to shift out of the east/southeast. that's an offshore setup. they negate the marine influence. for us, it is going to be hotter to the tune of 10-15 degrees from yesterday. if you can recall, yesterday was pretty warm inland. the place to be, the beach if you have the day off.
6:53 am
even at 2:00 p.m., if you are getting off work, 77 degrees out there in santa cruz. heat of the day, around 4:00 p.m., 80 degrees by the beach. it is going to be warm out there. your water temperatures are in the 50s. still, a little bit cold out there in the ocean. jump out of the water. try to go to a guarded beach. that's the best way to stay safe for you and your family. 10%-20% dropoff. we could see some showers, about a 10% to 25% shot of coastal showers up in the north bay right at the coastline. we can expect that all the way down south on sunday. a little bit of drizzle. an area of low pressure. today and tomorrow. 99 in fairfield. triple digit heat and sun. we bring in the coastal drizzle.
6:54 am
the cooling continues into monday. tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, starting to level off a little bit. mike, we haven't officially hit summertime just yet. that's the 21st. >> what? >> i know it. >> check the calendar and not the thermometer. we are looking to the eastshore freeway. check the calendar. it is friday. we have a slowdown. here is the berkeley curve. just past it, we see some slowing all the way over toward this shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. a metering light turned on and a backup at the toll plaza. on the bay bridge right around treasure island that had a lane blocked for a short period of time. that slammed traffic back. the worst point down through berkeley and emeryville. slow coming off the northbound 880 approaching the bay bridge toll plaza as well. that's about it for the nimitz. in oakland, we are looking to
6:55 am
the nimitz south through hayward where we have earlier slowing because of an earlier crash. upper 50s. down into fremont for 880. let's take a quick look east of here at the tri-valley. we see slowing typical over here pushing over 580 westbound. folks travel through the area. nothing unusual out of the altamont pass. northbound 101 shows a little slowing heading up. president obama is in downtown. there is traffic control around caesar chavez all day. morning, they will be moving with barricades afterwards. a quick look at the congestion. you see the traffic does slow with our live camera. not that bad, even for a friday. it is pretty light. teas good stu that's good stuff. the nbi fbi is offering a rd
6:56 am
for information leading to the arrest and conviction of suspects responsible for a bank robbery. these are some pretty compelling photos from the latest robbery that happened yesterday from a bank of america branch in san francisco. the men in the hooded black sweatshirts armed with handguns. the same three men robbed one bank in san francisco and one in millbrae on monday. a third robbery happened back in april. not only will george shirakawa jr. be sentenced later today, the former santa clara supervisor will be arraigned on new charges, felony impersonation. police say they have dna evidence linking him to focus fliers mailed out in 2010 meant to discredit a competing city council candidate. he is being punished today for using campaign funds to fuel a gambling addiction, something he pleaded guilty to back in march. hi his attorneys telling us he took
6:57 am
that plea for leniency. >> elsewhere in the south bay, how about some proof controversy i good for business. this morning, a gourmet gimmick in the south bay is attracting police. psycho donuts says threats ofyko violence have been made against psycho donuts. >> reporter: people have been lined up at this location here in campbell. they want to get there. you are looking at a foie gra. the sale of this is considered inhumane. they fatten up ducks and grease
6:58 am
and that's what makes foie gras. many people online have been jun s upset about this. they say they are a long d-time customer. a lot of these threats or people who were angry were posting on the donuts facebook page. they say they are disgusted with this. the baker tells us a lot of these comments are meant to not rile up people. the doughnut shop is taking these threats serious enough that they have given the campbell police a heads up. >> if you don't like foiegras.
6:59 am
>> reporter: the sale of foie gras is banned in california. psycho donuts is banned in california. they are giving them away. so many people inline. thank you very much. 6:59. a final check on the day's top stories. unemployment, 6%. raley's grocery store chain says their computer network is asking customers to check bank and credit card statements president obama giving a speech on health care this morning at the fairmont in downtown. headed to a fund-raiser and a summit with the president of
7:00 am
china. >> no 11:00 a.m. because of the french open. our next newscast at 5:00 tonight. >> have a great weekend! see you monday. good morning. even bigger than we knew. even bigger than we knew. the controversy over government snooping widens this morning. records being kept on every phone call, internet activities being monitored. this morning, new details on the programs that critics are blasting but the white house says are making you safer. soaker tropical storm andrea racing up the east coast with torrential rain and damaging winds. this morning, the impact on tens of millions from florida to maine. and surprise announcement. in a rare public appearance with his wife, russian president putin goes on tv. the purpose to say their marriage is over. what's behind their split today,


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